Sunday, February 14


Oh my, another post!

Last Sunday was Scotty's 4th birthday! Before his birthday we saw the movie "UP" and being a movie freak that he is Scotty asked me to make him an "UP" cake. First off I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal. I thought that making his birthday cake look like Mr. Fredrickson's house would be the easiest (instead of making a horribly misshapen replica of one of the characters). I didn't want to decorate with frosting so I remembered seeing one of Liko's posts she did with fondant (think of wedding cake frosting) and she was absolutely right about the arm workout when kneading - especially when coloring fondant. I have a new found appreciation for cake decorating! I started making the fondant around 7pm the night before his birthday and forged through until about 4am and this is was the end result:

Scary huh! Don't worry - those who ate it all survived!

Hours of work + look on Scotty's face = priceless

Mr. Cheesy!

I give you a cross between an old man and a tiki statue

FYI: Never attempt to make a replica of Mr. Fredrickson's house! Too many colors, windows, shingles, etc!


liko said...

that is so awesome, karen!!! ou did a great job!

Jess said...

You did such a great job Karen!!! :) I would have thought you did cakes for a living :) Yeah, I know how time consuming cakes are. My mom-in-law makes cakes and it takes hours. My sis-in-law made a batman cake for her son once and stayed up all night like you. Now you two are such dedicated mommies! I don't think I would have the patience, especially making Mr. Fredrickson's house! Anyway, these pics are cute! Happy B-day Scotty, the day after mine right? :)

Line said...

Wow Karen, great job! You're such a good mom to make him that cake. If Spencer asked me for a specific cake, I would just go to costco and ask them to make one. Hahaha... Really, though, awesome job on the cake!

Caryn said...

Amazing cake, girl! I can't believe that Scotty is 4 already, either. WOW! Hope all is well with you and your 2 gorgeous boys. =)


Lindos seus filhos, sua família, que DEUS continue abençoando vocês grandemente.

Crystal said...

These pictures are so cute that I just had to comment! That really IS a priceless face!

- JustaHousebear

Mrs. Beer said...

What an adorable cake!!