Friday, December 10

Nature Boys

Scotty and Brett somewhere in Lone Pine, California (you know, the place where the movie tremors was shot). Scotty LOVES fishing with his daddy. And he actually can cast out his own line and reel in his catch! This was actually their second trip out there within a month - I actually went with them the first time...and probably my last...just kidding. It was a great time and I got to eat the best pancake EVER up at Mt. Whitney portal.

Tuesday, November 9

I am a Swag Bucks Fan

I just found out about a cool way to earn rewards just by searching the web! My friend (Sene) told me about and it had some awesome and simple ways to get free rewards and even earn cash by doing practically nothing...well, except using the web. Try it out for free! Click on the Sign Up button on the side bar. Hope you like it =).

Sunday, June 27

Medieval Knights

We went to Medieval Knights at the beginning of this year, thanks to the Moalas. It was a dream come true for Scotty! haha. He got to play sword fight with Rocco and watch the knights battle to the death. And our knight won! We had such a blast - and I loved watching the look on the boys' faces because they seriously thought the fighting was real. Good times!

Tuesday, May 18

Doodley Dee

So I guess I found a new hobby! I've always wanted to do photography, but since I don't have the money to spend on a nice camera I've been dying for something to fill in my creative gap. I even thought about taking up sewing, but who am I kidding? I'm not that crafty. Okay, you'll probably think I'm weird...I found out that I love creative writing! (you're probably thinking, "so what?")

I've started to seriously think about writing novels just so I can feel some sort of personal pride =). I've been writing for the last two weeks obsessing over possible stories. I've come upon two stories that I think are interesting enough to write about.

Of course I'm a loooooooooooooong ways away from actually seeing a novel come to fruition, but I find that creative writing makes me happy =). Even though I've already put creative writing as one of my 101 things to do I wasn't really inspired to start. I can't say exactly what made me want to start writing. Alls I know is I can't stop!

Speaking of writing, my friend Alexis is an awesome freelance writer and she has a blog called Depressions and Confessions. Check it out here. She would love for you to stop by and "have a few laughs at her expense".

If any of you would be willing to, would you like to read my writing and help me to improve my storyline, characters, etc? And don't worry, I'm not concerned with grammar or punctuation. Not at this point anyway =). This will be extremely uncomfortable for me, but I know that by having some one critique my writing would only help me get better. Don't worry, I won't bog you down with pages and pages. It'll be just the first 20-30 pages. If you want to read more by all means let me know!

But I won't get ahead of myself because I haven't started the actual writing. I'm still in the research and outline phase. Oh, and if you are interested, could you tell me what your favorite fictional genres are? Thanks gals.

Sunday, April 4

Just a passin' it along...

I've been bored lately so that means two things:
#1: I eat more than I should...and
#2: I'm on the computer looking at STUFF

Therefore I thought I might give this a go and you may be interested too =).
(I found it via here...I think she has really great style and knows a thing or two about style!)

Since I'm doing a little bit of chit chat nonsense I'll tell you about somethings I watched on t.v.

- General Conference (the last 30 mins of the first session and all of the 2nd).
- A short movie on the byu channel called "The book and a Rose" (or somethin lydat). So cute!
- A byu channel reality t.v. show called Food Nanny...thought the lady was kinda too cheerie.
- Half of another byu movie called "One Good Man" (couldn't make it all the way through)
- And one of my favorite movies Pride and Prejudice, but I saw the version w/ Keira Knightly - I think I love this version than the older ones...but I'm sure there are those of you who would beg to disagree =).

Friday, April 2

My Dream Come True...

For all my life, I've wanted to have
perfect, soft, flowing, shiny, smooth hair.
like yours.
Perfect hair that I could wake up to and run my fingers through
and look into the mirror and smile....
Hair so perfect that I could let it loose.
Set it and forget it.
I've always said if I could change
one thing about myself --
it would be my
(then my boobs)
I've always HATED my hair for it's
It's lack of SUBMISSION to my demands.
My prayers have been answered people...
thanks to the creators of the
my hope is restored! lol.
I just read about it in Allure magazine
but apparently it's been around for a few years.
It's supposed to do wonders for unruly, untameable mops
such as mine.
I am putting it on my list of NEEDS instead of wants
(and no one can convince me otherwise! haha.)
Yes, it will cost a heavy arm and leg
(of which I do possess)
with a price tag of $350 +
But I believe this is my salvation.
I BEELIEVE people.
Don't change that dial!
I will be accepting donations shortly...
Then the work of miracles shall be performed
as proof that dull, devilish hair
can and WILL be redeemed.

Sunday, February 14


Oh my, another post!

Last Sunday was Scotty's 4th birthday! Before his birthday we saw the movie "UP" and being a movie freak that he is Scotty asked me to make him an "UP" cake. First off I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal. I thought that making his birthday cake look like Mr. Fredrickson's house would be the easiest (instead of making a horribly misshapen replica of one of the characters). I didn't want to decorate with frosting so I remembered seeing one of Liko's posts she did with fondant (think of wedding cake frosting) and she was absolutely right about the arm workout when kneading - especially when coloring fondant. I have a new found appreciation for cake decorating! I started making the fondant around 7pm the night before his birthday and forged through until about 4am and this is was the end result:

Scary huh! Don't worry - those who ate it all survived!

Hours of work + look on Scotty's face = priceless

Mr. Cheesy!

I give you a cross between an old man and a tiki statue

FYI: Never attempt to make a replica of Mr. Fredrickson's house! Too many colors, windows, shingles, etc!

Monday, February 1

Monkey business part 2

Last week we were at Brett's family's house and it was at night when I decided to give the boys a bath. I got them in the tub and let them play around for a while. I remembered to get my camera because it's always fun to catch bath tub moments. So, while they were playing Scotty reaches his hand into the water and pulls up something. Then he yells at me to look at what he had in his hand. It was about the size of a quarter and brown and then Scotty yells "its doodoo!". I didn't believe him so I took it and smelt WAS doodoo. Then we started noticing more little brown things in the water. Scotty swore it wasn't him so the next suspect had to be Matai. The little squirt was squirting his quarter doodoos in the tub while I was filming them. He is too smooth, that guy!

The little sneaky poo.

More Monkey business...

Hello again! I finally got a chance to put pictures on my poor blog. Our boys are growing up so fast. Scotty will be 4 years old in less than a week...and Matai will be a 1 year old in a month! Matai is already walking (and has been since he was 9 months). Moms I'm sure you know this when you have your second child - all he/she wants to do is copy everything his/her older sibling is doing. Matai learns something new practically everyday from Scotty.... My favorite thing is when they play chase - Matai loves to be chased and loves to chase. He will try to roar like his big brother does...goes down the slide all by himself at the park (feet first)...doesn't eat baby food because it's not what we're eating...drinks from a cup (since he was about 7 or 8 months)...plays with cars and trucks and makes the little engine noise...takes big boy baths...eats a whole banana no problem...has no problem eating period! Just like his big bro.

Scotty is now a Sunbeam! I am always so proud of my big boy. He is such a great helper and I know that I can trust him to watch his brother for a few minutes while I'm showering...or sleeping...haha! Yesterday, he told me after church the story about Daniel in the lions den without forgetting the details of the story. He's an expert at spelling his name and knows how to write a few words like: bed, hit, fox, box. He'll know how to write a word by me sounding it out. I know he'll be ready to go to school in a year. And yes, he is still absolutely infatuated with dinosaurs and still watches all three Jurassic Park movies. Every time I've asked what he dreamt of it is always dinosaurs. Oh man this guy is practically a dinosaur and sure does eat like one...every spare moment he has he is ALWAYS asking for food. So, beware! Well, I could go on and on but I wont =).

Here's what we've been up to lately...

Brothers taking baths together...

Chewing on all the DVD cases...

Our apartment (kitchen/dining area)

Kitchen/hall. Got the rocking chair from garage sale...

front room...

We put our little baby boy in a pink stroller now and then...haha! Hey, it was free!

Daddy when he had long hair...walking to trestles...

Kodak moment...

My brown boy...after taking this I noticed that everything was brown...haha.

Tai Tai smiling at dada...

My beautiful babies...

Sucking on a dino tail for dessert...

Constantly chewing on things...

Playing with da big boys at the park...

Following mommy everywhere around the apartment...

Love this little man!

Sunday, October 25

We're Back...For Now...

Hello! Just thought I'd post these up while I could. I wish I could say more but I'll let these pictures do the talking...(matai is screaming his eyeballs out).

Monday, June 1

did you see it?

if you didn't here it is!

i'm sooo excited that i just can't hide it! so excited that instead of posting pictures of my babies i'd rather post this! haha.

Wednesday, May 6


Matai is now 2 months. Wow.
He loves to eat (as you can see)...
Drools non-stop...
Smiles whenever you raise your eyebrows...
Laughed for the first time the day he turned 2 months (thanks Aunty Lia!)...
Coos, screams, cries, gurgles...
Looks mad most of the time (or maybe he's just in really deep thought, haha)...
Fits into 6 month outfits...
Enjoys making everyone hold him standing up (or else the mad-dog comes out)...
Makes mommy happy all day!

Friday, April 17

Photo Shoot

Thank you Aunty Sondra and Uncle Brad for sending me these awesome clothes!!! Now I can look good for all the ladies =). The clothes fit PERFECTLY!

Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter today.
Scotty had fun looking for eggs and eating yummy food.

Friday, April 10

Diaper Time

Just thought I'd post some pictures of Matai's many faces. =)

Thursday, April 2

The Love Monster

Matai is 1 month today! We went to the doctor yesterday to get him checked and he's doing great. He weighs 10lbs now and has grown to 22 in.

Thursday, March 26

Here's what Scotty's been up to...
He had his 3rd birthday last month. Here's some pictures of him celebrating his little heart out! He loves to be outdoors and is always looking to have a good time. Scotty got to celebrate his 3rd birthday in the snow at Mammoth with his daddy and family. I wasn't sure how he would handle the snow but of course Scotty took to the slopes and loved every minute of it. We're with my family now and uncle Bristol suprised Scotty with a spiderman cake and spoiled him with gifts. My little man is growing up so fast! I love him soooo much!