Friday, April 2

My Dream Come True...

For all my life, I've wanted to have
perfect, soft, flowing, shiny, smooth hair.
like yours.
Perfect hair that I could wake up to and run my fingers through
and look into the mirror and smile....
Hair so perfect that I could let it loose.
Set it and forget it.
I've always said if I could change
one thing about myself --
it would be my
(then my boobs)
I've always HATED my hair for it's
It's lack of SUBMISSION to my demands.
My prayers have been answered people...
thanks to the creators of the
my hope is restored! lol.
I just read about it in Allure magazine
but apparently it's been around for a few years.
It's supposed to do wonders for unruly, untameable mops
such as mine.
I am putting it on my list of NEEDS instead of wants
(and no one can convince me otherwise! haha.)
Yes, it will cost a heavy arm and leg
(of which I do possess)
with a price tag of $350 +
But I believe this is my salvation.
I BEELIEVE people.
Don't change that dial!
I will be accepting donations shortly...
Then the work of miracles shall be performed
as proof that dull, devilish hair
can and WILL be redeemed.


Caryn said...

I remember we always used to talk about how we wished we could trade hair (this was even before our boobs grew in, haha!). I up and DO IT!

Jess said...

I always thought your hair was nice. But if this is something you are going to love, then go for it! I don't know what it is but I'd like to look it up. Good luck :)

liko said...

um, sounds awesome. let me know how it turns out and i may wanna do it!!

daveandsavani said...

you have to post before and after pictures so we can see the transformation!!

Line said...

Just go relax your hair. It's cheaper and it lasts longer than 10-12 weeks. But maybe relaxing doesn't work for all hair types? Either way, I've already resigned myself to the flat iron for the rest of my life... And I FINALLY got a CHI. Woo hoo!