Sunday, April 4

Just a passin' it along...

I've been bored lately so that means two things:
#1: I eat more than I should...and
#2: I'm on the computer looking at STUFF

Therefore I thought I might give this a go and you may be interested too =).
(I found it via here...I think she has really great style and knows a thing or two about style!)

Since I'm doing a little bit of chit chat nonsense I'll tell you about somethings I watched on t.v.

- General Conference (the last 30 mins of the first session and all of the 2nd).
- A short movie on the byu channel called "The book and a Rose" (or somethin lydat). So cute!
- A byu channel reality t.v. show called Food Nanny...thought the lady was kinda too cheerie.
- Half of another byu movie called "One Good Man" (couldn't make it all the way through)
- And one of my favorite movies Pride and Prejudice, but I saw the version w/ Keira Knightly - I think I love this version than the older ones...but I'm sure there are those of you who would beg to disagree =).


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